Quanting Publications include CDs by Norwich musician Alan Helsdon, and also CDs by people now living in the County. It is not all 'folk' music - whatever that is! The cost of each CD is still 5, except Foundlings which is 10 with P&P up to 2, and all books are 5 + 2 P&P. PayPal available. Click on the Launched button at the foot of the page.
The Quanting Evergreen Band and Piano arrangements by Alan are of tunes used in our fair County in the past, usually for dancing. The Band parts consist of Melody, Harmony, Simple Harmony and Bass parts, Chords, Piano accompaniment and Score. There are fuller explanations on each village's own page. The use of villages for grouping reflects the survival of music-making long enough to be recorded in some way in that place. How many were missed because nobody went to check or because all the old musicians died we'll never know. Other centres will be added as well as other sources for these flexible arrangements. Click on the Evergreen Button.
The Links are the usual mix in these circumstances; I'd rather include too many than too few. I'm like the BBC in that I am not responsible for the content of external websites. Click on Links.
A Quant was a 22 foot pole used on Norfolk Wherries when manoeuvering or to propel them when there was no wind. (The study of this form of self-propulsion is apparently known as Quanting Mechanics.) A Quant was cumbersome, very slow, hard work and extremely unpleasant to use as the wielder got soaked in no time. Somewhere in there is a connection with this CD label!
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